Personal Profile

Angmosi Boison Angmortey

        Date of Birth: 28th August, 1995.

        Sex: Male

        Nationality: Ghanaian

       Domicile in: Ghana

       Languages Spoken: Dangme, English, Akan, Ga.


To be a remarkable Underwriter grown into an impactful risk manager/analyst and consultant in Ghana and beyond, with all potentials fully developed through the following principles:

  1. Achievements through hard work and diligence.
  2. Astute progress through ethically considered measures.
  3. Constant and Sentient practice to further develop and explore abilities.
  4. Through Christ-like exhibition of commendable attitude affect my generation.

Key Skills

> A hardworking young man with Melancholic and Sanguine traits;

>   One who possesses good problem solving and decision making skills;

>   A team player, and has good group coordination and organizing abilities;

>   A good listener and communicator;

Very conversant with Information Technology (IT) software with competencies in network and cloud computing.


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